Molly Driving

In which I cry UNCLE and admit to being defeated by code...

I've given up.  Maybe if I hadn't taken a full-time job (for the first time years), I would have been able to fasten my slightly damaged brain around the intricacies of code.  But I can't.  I know what I want my web site to look like and do.  I even have said site established at Yahoo:  But I can't get my intentions and the site to match, no how, no way, no sir.

So I'm asking for help.  Is there somewhere out there a web designer who would like to work with Someone Who Has Her Own Ideas (which may, she here acknowledges, be unworkable)--and yes, for money?

Of my hundreds (or is it now thousands) of BlogHer companions--doesn't one of you know someone???? Please.  Some of my most cogent writing, pithiest ideas, and succinct observations are going to waste....

Molly Driving

The truth about growing up

Formerly, when I was a reasonably young person, there were certain things about reasonably older people that I could not understand.  Like, the slipping eyeliner bit.  A well-groomed woman of a certain age, who was bandbox (i.e., model) perfect--except that the eyeliner on that one eye was askew.  Just a bit, but enough to notice. How could she? Didn't she look in the mirror before she left home? 

Yes, she did.  And she noticed, but she just didn't give a shit.

Molly Driving

Ugly Betty, a review of sorts

  It's thirtyfive minutes into the first show and I've got the sound turned off.  That's my review.  Don't we have enough nastiness in the world, what with Darfur and Iraq and Pakistan and Fundamentalists of all stripes, without TV producing another 60 minutes or so? 

Molly Driving

L'shana tova...

Here I am in the land of almost-no-Jews and at work on Friday, I felt compelled to go around and say to various people "Happy New Year to me!"  Some just looked blank; a few said, 'Yeah, yeah, it's that holiday for you, isn't it." 

Yeah, yeah, it is.  I found a nice little synagogue and went to services Friday night and Saturday.  I like this holiday, as I've mentioned before.  While others like Therapy Doc find it somewhat grand and dramatic, for me it's the lead up to that Big Therapy session that is Yom Kippur.  On Rosh Hashanah, you get to eat apples and honey (you should have a sweet year).  On Yom Kippur, you get to eat nothing and atone. 

"On Rosh Hashanah, it is written,
on Yom Kippur it is sealed:
How many shall pass on, how many shall come to be;
who shall live and who shall die;
who shall see ripe age and who shall not;
....who shall be secure and who shall be driven;
who shall be tranquil and who shall be troubled;
who shall be poor and who shall be rich;
who shall be humbled and who exalted."

Maybe it is somewhat grand and dramatic for me too.

Molly Driving

Potpourri - Fall version

1. I got suckered into attending a Christians for Israel evening on Sunday, and I'm still mad.  At myself, mostly, for not trusting my instinct that the whole thing was a disgusting right-wing, fundamentalist scam.  Which it was and is.  Blech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  I'm trying to be more present in my life.  Doesn't that sound disgustingly psychobabbly?  What I mean is this:  I'm sensing that I live in a state of anticipation, for some place or thing or activity that is over there, somewhere ahead of me, or perhaps off to the side, but definitely not right here where I am.

3.  Right here where I am is--hey, hey, hey, I'm liking the job for--what, about five days straight?  That's a record.  And I do appreciate it.  Because I don't, repeat don't want to end it.  Until and unless I've got something better to go to.

4.  I've been lax and remiss and just plain bad about posting my photos.  I had a thing--albeit mini--going there where I took a picture a day with my cameraphone and uploaded it right away.  It was like a surprise package, a Christmas present, because what you see in front of you is not necessarily what the camera sees.  Uploading them was so much fun.  But then I took a couple of dogs and got embarrassed, like I had gotten carried away with myself. 

5. Brothers and Sisters looks awful--and just how much silicone did Calista Flockheart have pumped into her.  Or maybe it's Restylane.  Or bovine butter.

6.  I watched the conclusion of Big Brother 7, and spent an entire night plotting and planning and truly believing that I would apply for BB8.

7. Who the hell is Joey Lawrence and why is he bald?  Would I know who he is if he weren't bald?  But he isn't bald; he shaves his head, and he's got a five o'clock shadow!

8.  People become foster parents for the best and the worst of reasons.  This is something I'm learning on my job.

9. We have been in this house for just over a year, and yesterday D. removed from the shower drain a wadded, gooey hair ball that would have choked a goat. 

10. I watched about a third of Studio 60, etc. before I went to bed.  But I tivoed it.
Molly Driving

Website Woes -

Jesus H. Christ, what does it take to create a website in Yahoo with a blog by Movable Type?????  I have been working at it for days and short of unscrewing my laptop and digging in with my hands--okay, yes, I know that won't work.  But the urge is there.   The problem is that when you go to you get a blog evidently created for me by Yahoo and Movable Type.  I cannot get rid of it.  Nor are the blogs I create in Movable Type showing up. Nothing is being published.  Maybe that's the problem.  HTF do you get this shit published????  And HTF do you get that Y and MT blog to go away?  I've tried appealing to them for help, but I can't get into MT (don't ask, if you're really interested, I'll email you) and my queries to Yahoo have produced a rather pathetic "we are here you to help" letter that sounds similar to the pleas I get for money from the Chief of Totonga and asks for every bit of secret code I have ever been able to create.  So I'm like -- um, thanks all the same; I'll figure this out by myself.  But WTF WTF WTF??????????????????????

Molly Driving

Rock Star Supernova

Okay, I am well and truly pissed.  That skunkhead, Lukas Rossi, won.  The guys picked him over Dilana.  I was actually considering going to their concert, but I cannot stand the weeney boy.  I literally cannot listen when he sings because he is so grotesque.  The sight of him prancing actually makes my retinas ache.
Molly Driving

So I didn't ...well, kinda....but not yet...

My manager is nothing if not empathetic, sympathetic and a master of making one feel "heard."  And well she should be, given her profession.  I find her easy to talk to, sorta like a friend, and I unloaded on her my frustration, some of which had to do with her.  She took it.  The bottom line seems to be this:  I'm good at what I do and I really enjoy doing it, even the record-writing.  But we have to bill 300+ minutes a day, and I'm barely doing half that.  And I'm working straight through the day, no lunch, no bs-ing.  So where is the billable time going?  I've decided to give it another month--which will bring my time up to 6 months--and keep fastidious time-keeping--including that 10 minute pee break (because our restroom is out of commission again and it takes twice as long to go to the one around the corner).