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Potpourri - Fall version

September 19th, 2006 (09:36 pm)

1. I got suckered into attending a Christians for Israel evening on Sunday, and I'm still mad.  At myself, mostly, for not trusting my instinct that the whole thing was a disgusting right-wing, fundamentalist scam.  Which it was and is.  Blech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  I'm trying to be more present in my life.  Doesn't that sound disgustingly psychobabbly?  What I mean is this:  I'm sensing that I live in a state of anticipation, for some place or thing or activity that is over there, somewhere ahead of me, or perhaps off to the side, but definitely not right here where I am.

3.  Right here where I am is--hey, hey, hey, I'm liking the job for--what, about five days straight?  That's a record.  And I do appreciate it.  Because I don't, repeat don't want to end it.  Until and unless I've got something better to go to.

4.  I've been lax and remiss and just plain bad about posting my photos.  I had a thing--albeit mini--going there where I took a picture a day with my cameraphone and uploaded it right away.  It was like a surprise package, a Christmas present, because what you see in front of you is not necessarily what the camera sees.  Uploading them was so much fun.  But then I took a couple of dogs and got embarrassed, like I had gotten carried away with myself. 

5. Brothers and Sisters looks awful--and just how much silicone did Calista Flockheart have pumped into her.  Or maybe it's Restylane.  Or bovine butter.

6.  I watched the conclusion of Big Brother 7, and spent an entire night plotting and planning and truly believing that I would apply for BB8.

7. Who the hell is Joey Lawrence and why is he bald?  Would I know who he is if he weren't bald?  But he isn't bald; he shaves his head, and he's got a five o'clock shadow!

8.  People become foster parents for the best and the worst of reasons.  This is something I'm learning on my job.

9. We have been in this house for just over a year, and yesterday D. removed from the shower drain a wadded, gooey hair ball that would have choked a goat. 

10. I watched about a third of Studio 60, etc. before I went to bed.  But I tivoed it.


Posted by: writerwench (writerwench)
Posted at: September 20th, 2006 07:50 am (UTC)

9. Yeh.... I have to keep clearing the bath drain from the girls' hair. I can kinda tell how long it's been there by the colours in the hairs - platinum blonde? SOOO last summer, mum. Stripes of brown/blonde/vermilion red? Yup, that's current for one. Brilliant pink? That's t'other. Anything else is a guest.

Interesting potpourri.
Totally with you on No.2 - it's so easy to postpone enjoyment of life, assuming that 'now' is just the preliminary.

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